Scottsdale, AZ, Funding Group LLC is a team of commercial and business loan providers. We are not bank employees, following scripted marketing campaigns, trying to sell you an “in-house” loan products that’s not tailored to your needs. We realize that no two situations are ever the same; what’s right for Peter might not be what is best for Paul's business. We employ a simple, proven approach to every case: listen, learn, and recognize what you want and need, offer easy-to-understand advice on the loan product(s) we think will be best for you, then use technology and experience to simplify and guide you through the process, from application through closing and beyond. 


Sustainability, steady growth, professionalism and vision are attained only when business is managed and spear-headed by compitent and devoted people. Funding Group LLC has enjoyed steady growth beyond all expectation even in the flunctuating industry due to the wonderful leadership of our key management members and motivated staff in general.

Executive Officers

  • Damian Husak

    President and Chief Executive Officer

  • Antaya Polovski

    Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

  • Brandon K. Zimmermann

    Executive Vice President, Chief Branch Operations Officer

  • Simon C. Memphis

    Senior Vice President, Central Division

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